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Family Visas


There are various family visas options for family members to sponsor their parents, New Zealand relative or children to be with them in Australia.

New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (subclass 461)

This temporary visa is intended for family members to accompany a New Zealand citizen living in Australia. The New Zealand citizen must either hold or be eligible for a Special Category visa SCV (subclass 444).

Once granted, this visa is valid for 5 years and allows the visa applicant to work, study or gain multiple entries into Australia.

Outline of eligibility requirements

New Zealand visa

The visa applicant will need to demonstrate that:

  • they are not a New Zealand citizen
  • they must be related to the New Zealand citizen as:
    • their partner
    • dependent child
    • the dependent child of their (or their partner’s) dependent child
    • their relative who (a) does not have a partner (b) usually lives in the New Zealand’s citizen’s household and (c) is dependent on the New Zealand citizen
  • health and character requirements

Previous subclass 461 visa holders

While in Australia, you may be eligible to apply for another subclass 461 visa if you are no longer a member of the family unit of the New Zealand citizen (e.g. relationship breakdown) and you have not become a member of the family unit of any other person (e.g. new partner relationship).

If you are outside Australia, the resident return rules apply. You must have previously been in Australia for at least 2 years in the past 5 years or can demonstrate substantial business, cultural, employment or personal ties that are of benefit to Australia.

Contact us for more information on eligibility requirements.

How much does this visa cost?

The below is an estimate of the relevant government lodgement fees (subject to change):

  • Base application fee: $325
  • Non-internet Application Charge: N/A
  • Additional applicant charge for each additional adult that is 18 years and over: $165
  • Additional applicant charge for each additional adult that is 18 years or under: $80

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